During the 20-30s of the 20th century 14 uranium fields of sandstone geological and industrial type were discovered and explored in Ukraine by Public enterprise “Kirovgeologiya” (after the IAEA classification). All fields are relegated to the sand-clay-carbonaceous deposits of Paleogene, are distinguished by a small depth of productive horizon (50-70 m above the ground), a small reserve of uranium, a low maintenance of uranium in the ore, strong heterogeneous filtration properties of the productive horizon. The intelligence data analysis of the last years shows that there is a real opportunity of considerable increase of uranium resources on each of the fields for usage of which the company received a special permission. Previously, the increase of uranium reserves is estimated at the level of 20-30% of the observed amount during the previous periods according to the intelligence data.


For 30-40 years, that passed after finishing the prospecting of uranium fields in Ukraine, a considerable experience in using the technology of blast-hole leaching, that is used during mining of sandstone fields, was accumulated in the world. New technical and technological decisions allow to ameliorate significantly economical and environmental mine development. Beside sandstone fields the company has received a special permission for the usage of Mykhaylivske field resources, where the uranium mineralization was found out in fractured crystalline rocks (gneisses, granites and pegmatites) and in crust of weathering. The field is characterized by significant expected resources of uranium. It is necessary to maintain additional exploration works to transfer the expected resources into industrial stocks. According to this, the company has made a decision to perform a thorough prospecting using the research and industrial development on four sandstone uranium fields and on one field of infiltration type in the weathering crust.