Yuri BAKARZHIEV: "We took a difficult bread, not a tasty cake" - NESU

Company “Nuclear Energy Systems of Ukraine” received special permits for geological exploration of the subsoil, including pilot development of uranium ores at four sites in the Nikolaev and Dnipropetrovsk regions. Permits for the use of subsoil granted by the State Service of Geology and Subsoil of Ukraine in November last year.
The goal of NESU activity is to provide Ukraine’s nuclear energy with natural uranium of its own production. High-tech and environmentally friendly production of natural uranium concentrate is planned due to the industrial development of uranium deposits in Ukraine. At the first stage, the company organizes the accelerated development of sandstone-type deposits. On the second – the creation of large-scale production at the metasomatic type deposits is envisaged.
Today we are visiting the Director General of NESU LLC, IAEA expert Yury Anatolyevich BAKARZHIEV. Our conversation about the company and its development prospects.

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