registered in 2015

The company was created to attract investments by profile and institutional investors and their participation in projects for the exploration and extraction of uranium on the territory of Ukraine.

Search and exploration of uranium fields
Uranium ores mining and processing
Development and implementation of innovative technologies


Industrial development of the explored uranium fields of sandstone and metasomatic types. Performance of geological prospecting work on finding new highly enriched uranium fields in order to create a reliable raw materials base of nuclear energy in Ukraine. Organization of safe working conditions for workers as well as prevention of possibility of radiological and chemical impact on environment.


Uranium ores mining and processing with obtaining the headings of natural uranium – raw materials for the production of nuclear fuel for nuclear power stations in Ukraine. Creation of high-efficiency and environmentally safe production of uranium processing in Ukraine. Building of new generation mini reactors


SUPPLY THE NUCLEAR ENERGY OF UKRAINE WITH HOME-PRODUCED NATURAL URANIUM. Production of headings of natural uranium is planned to be maintained by means of industrial development of uranium fields in Ukraine. The first stage – it is planned to maintain the accelerated development of sandstone uranium fields. The second stage – creation of a large scale production on the metasomatic uranium fields.