NESU: officials from State Geodetic Subsoil offend not only against the law, but also against the state - NESU

Ukrainian company “Nuclear Energy Systems of Ukraine” (NESU) through legal proceeding has asserted its right to obtain permissions for maintaining exploration works in uranium deposits in Dnipropetrovsk and Mykolayiv regions.

For a long time officials from State Geodetic Subsoil have illegally denied license for NESU. As the whole procedure provided for by law was followed for our part as well as appropriate subsoil research agreements were received from local government authorities, NESU appealed against the actions of aforestated officials and won the case in three judicial instances.

In a democratic country that promotes European values, attraction of investments in strategic branches of industry and takes measures to develop the economic and energetic potential, pressure on any responsible company which seeks to invest and develop the state is unacceptable. However in our case everything is going conversely.

We had to appeal to the General Prosecutor Office of Ukraine (GPOU) to protect our rights because of the sabotage and unavailability to conduct a constructive dialogue as well as the absence of transparent cooperation between the state and private investors

The General Prosecutor Office started investigation in the criminal proceedings against officials from State Geodetic Subsoil who refused to carry out the decisions of three judicial instances.

State Geodetic Subsoil statements about seeming attempts of “NESU” company to obtain permissions illegally beside the auction are not true.

All our steps absolutely meet the requirements of regulatory acts of the country and court decisions officially confirm that.

Furthermore “Nuclear Energy Systems of Ukraine” has got the respective approval from the Ministry of Health to conduct explorations which even state enterprises engaged in similar activities don’t have.

We stress the fact that during public hearings that were held in regions at the stage of approval by the Regional Councils of permitting documents upon request of the company communities didn’t oppose the company’s business.

We have signed social agreements with each such region that clearly regulate our duties to local communities.

According to the General Director of the company Yuriy Bakarzhiev the officials from State Geodetic Subsoil, who misinform the mass media today and try to bring NESU into discredit, offend not only against the law, but also against the state.

“While Ukraine looks for investors to develop the domestic energy sector, accepts corresponding Concepts of building a nuclear complex and has urgent need for increasing amounts of uranium minig some officials allow themselves to go against the strategic visions of the Government. It’s hard to say what purpose they pursue. However as we may see the investor has to fight for his right to work for the benefit of the state in the courts”, he said.

Y.Bakazhiev expressed the hope that competent authorities and the Government will respond to the situation.